R and D

Seminar, Society of Electrical Engineers of Nepal: Electricity for Economic Growth


We focus on capacity building of manpower in Nepal, especially in the field of, but not limited to, electricity generation, transmission and end uses. As a government owned company, we aim to obtain fruitful output from any research work being carried out in this institution or in involvement of this institution. We have signed MoU with Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University for exchange of expertise and technology with target of enhancing research activities in each institution.

Sustainable Grid Access to all

This was the first assignment of NEA Engineering Company and was commissioned by National Planning Commission.  The major motto of the project was to explore distributed generation option in local level and interconnect each of them to grid. The report has been submitted to NPC and can be accessed in NPC website as well. Even after the submission of report we have been reviewing our work regularly to timely update it to recent developments.

Floating Solar

Kulekhani HEP is only storage plant under operation in Nepal. The reservoir area of the project does have a potential of generating more electricity with installation of floating solar. This installation must be techno-economically feasible. At NEA EC we are weighting the possible options for installation of such scheme which can immediately benefit the Nepalese Power System Grid.


Electrical Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

We believe that lack of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is one of the dominating reasons for dearth of Electric Vehicles in Nepal. In NEA Engineering Company we are studying the electricity and transportation system of Kathmandu valley and attempting to pin point the locations for installation of charging infrastructures.

Electric vehicle Conversion/manufacturing Possibility

For a developing country like Nepal, completely replacing all existing vehicles with electric ones may seem infeasible. There could be an alternative option of converting the existing vehicles to electric ones without compromising the road standards of Nepal. This also ensures that the capital invested in those vehicles also pay off. NEA EC has been working on this part with young engineers involved in EV studies in Nepal.

Parking Solution for Urban Areas

As the urbanization is increasing, the number of vehicles is also increasing in Nepal and sooner or later we are going to face a substantial problem for parking these vehicles. At NEA EC we have been exploring options of providing efficient and feasible parking solutions for urban areas.