An Epitome of Nepalese Engineering Institutions spearheading and grooming the indigenous engineering efforts.



Quality, Efficient, Sustainable and Quick Engineering Solutions for Economic Growth of the Nation.



· To be at the forefront of providing engineering solutions;

· By investing on institutional capacity,

· By stressing on quality engineering and expansion in respective sector and

· By striving for technical innovation and reliability.


CORE VALUES – Pancha Sheel

  1. Institutional Capacity Building

We value collaboration and team work and we build the institutional capacity for local and international solutions

  1. Quality and Excellence

We Apply best practices and excel in knowledge and services provided

  1. Research and Innovation

We Invest in research for novel engineering solutions

  1. Good Governance and Integrity

We are Trustworthy, Transparent, Reliable

  1. Care

We Care for Social,  Environmental, Health and Safety aspects as well as Employee well-being



Corporate Spirit

Together we excel for the betterment of individual, company and the nation”


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